Civil courts

Civil courts handle disputes arising between landlords and tenants. The courts encourage the use of mediation, arbitration, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, designed to produce a resolution of a dispute without the need for trial or other court proceedings.

Sometimes, the same action such as assault will be tried both in civil and criminal court.

What Is Civil Court?

TreeMan Post 4 JimmyT - I have had to go to small claims court one time when my landlord tried to claim I caused damage to an apartment. The prosecutor must prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

If you lose a case in civil court, for example, the judge can't send you to jail -- but she can order you to pay money to the winning party. Settling Differences To avoid the expense and delay of having a trial, judges encourage the litigants to try to reach an agreement resolving their dispute.

For questions on how the holiday impacts case filings, contact the Clerk's Office. To obtain a Umpire Appointment form please click here. In most cases, the defendant has the right to a jury trial, and the verdict must usually be unanimous.

Civil courts Although juries can be between six and 12 people, civil juries in most states have six people with no alternates. The Justices also discuss and vote on petitions for review.

If the judge or jury finds in his favor, the civil court may award him monetary or equitable relief. Unless otherwise noted, the Court generally hears two, one-hour oral arguments, with attorneys for each side of a case given 30 minutes to make a presentation to the Court and answer questions posed by the Justices.

In criminal cases, the government prosecutes individuals for violating those laws in other words, for allegedly committing a crime. A class action lawsuit is beneficial because it consolidates most aspects of litigation, including the attorney sthe defendant sthe evidence, and the witnesses.

In a jury trial, the judge will explain the law that is relevant to the case and the decisions the jury needs to make. Case Cause Data Search Search our records and documents to view detailed case cause information including court, costs, location, documents e-Docsparty information, and more.

Court Services

In civil cases, private attorneys usually represent both parties. A public defender or a privately retained defense attorney, however, is charged with protecting the interests only of his or her client.

A couple of examples when a class action lawsuit makes sense are when a group of employees were subjected to religious discrimination by the same employer or when a defect in a product has caused injuries to a number of people.

The jury generally is asked to determine whether the defendant is responsible for harming the plaintiff in some way, and then to determine the amount of damages that the defendant will be required to pay. Jurisdiction The word jurisdiction comes from juris and dictio a speaking and pronouncing of the law.

Citizens should have respect for the daily business of the courts. Cases involving claims for such things as not completing a job, not paying in full or on time, failing to deliver goods sold or promised, and many others, are all examples.

Civil law (common law)

Settlement often involves the payment of money and can even be structured to result in an enforceable judgment. The Court is closed on federal holidays. A plaintiff who is unable to pay the fee may file a request to proceed in forma pauperis.

How long does the courtroom process usually take. At any time during the course of a case, the parties can agree to resolve their disputes and reach a compromise to avoid the expense of trial or the risk of losing at trial. Closing After evidence is heard, each side gives a closing argument.

A case also might be resolved by the parties themselves. In addition, if there are a large number of people that have been affected by a particular product or action, it becomes impractical to file individual lawsuits. In some communities, legal aid attorneys represent people who cannot afford other representation.

In civil cases, attorneys and self-represented litigants may file court papers from the convenience of any Internet connection. Case information may be accessed and documents viewed from any of the public computers in our courthouses. Civil Courts. Civil Courts decide on matters and render judgments related to civil actions.

Some of the different case (cause) types heard in civil courts include malpractice, damages, breach of contract, personal injury, multi-district litigation, etc. Civil courts resolve legal disputes between two or more people.

While a criminal case always involves a government prosecutor and a defendant, the parties involved in a civil case may be private citizens, businesses or other institutions. Civil Court Services The Miami-Dade County Civil Court operates on two levels: Circuit Civil and County Civil.

Circuit Civil is the jurisdiction for civil matters where the amount of. Civil disputes and the county courts Civil disputes cover a range of issues including non-payment of debts, personal injury, breach of contract, housing disputes and bankruptcy. In England and Wales, most of these are dealt with at the county courts.

New York City Courthouses English Español 中文 The Civil Court of the City of New York has jurisdiction over civil cases involving amounts up to $25, and other .

Civil courts
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