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Soft robotics — Traditional robots are typically metallic and as a result are heavy and rigid, soft robots, as the name suggests, are formed from much softer and more flexible materials.

Usually Image Processing system includes treating images as two dimensional signals while applying already set signal processing methods to them. So far a second prototype of the experimental set-up with PCB has been developed.

Existing robots are unable to achieve this in safe manner and we are developing both hardware and software systems to allow safe physical human robot interaction.

The journal also invites clearly written reviews, short communications and notes dealing with numerous disciplines covered by the fields.

Current research areas include lubricant chemistry, surface coating technology, hydrodynamic and elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication, contact mechanics, wear and surface fatigue.

We have achieved an excellent communication by all means compare to the past centuries. In this research, we aimed to reduce the computation cost of the type reduction stage, thus to facilitate faster performance speed and increase the number of actions able to be operated in one microprocessor.

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Computer systems for their control, Sensory feedback and information processing. Gaming Technology Gaming Technology is a new technology certainly helps build bigger and better games, but if there were no advances in technology for a while, publishers would continue to produce new products.

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This means soft robots interact with the environment in a very different manner to traditional robots, they can deform when in contact with obstacles allowing them to perform tasks and work in environments previously unsuited to robots. Graphic designing Graphic design is also known as communication design, is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.

Alaa Al-Ibadi Designing a multi-robot system provides numerous advantages for many applications, such as low cost, multi-tasking and more efficient group work. This means traditional automation is not suitable. We have been working on the voltage data and study the performance parameters for the optimisation of the drive patterns.

In this study, Microsoft Kinect v2 has been chosen to collect data form participants who are instructed to walk about 3 meters in the front of the camera which can provide data as 3D skeletal numerical data for 25 joints.

Tremendous growth in scientific knowledge, information and output in relation to these subjects aided in better technologically advanced human life. While the rigidity of the robots used in industrial and medical application increase the probability of risk of injury.

This technique can reduce multiple sets altogether in one pass, thus eliminating much of the redundant calculations needed to carry out the reduction individually. Hakim Elkurdi This study focuses directly on analysis and evaluation of human gait features such as spatial gait data, temporal gait data, spatiotemporal gait data, and kinematic gait data.

If the robot is retasked the end effector often needs to be changed. Dexterous hands — Robots are multipurpose tools, however, traditional robot grippers tend to only be able to handle a single or small range of products.

Automation for the food industry — The food industry uses less automation than other manufacturing sectors. Research Topics Actuators — As robots are being increasingly used in domains other than manufacturing the traditional hydraulic, pneumatic and electric actuators are not always suitable.

The electricity is charge to battery formerly.

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* Journal Impact Factor was established by dividing the number of articles published in and with the number of times they are cited in based on Google Scholar Citation Index database. This scientific journal is dedicated for the publication of peer reviewed research papers, all scientists are invited to contribute with new scientific papers in this academic journal.

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The journal accept scientific articles in all areas of related sciences. The International Journal of Robotics Research offers incisive and thought-provoking original research papers and articles, perceptive reviews, and lively editorials on ground-breaking trends issues, technical developments, and theories in robotics by the outstanding scholars and practitioners in the field.

This scientific journal is dedicated for the publication of peer reviewed research papers, all scientists are invited to contribute with new scientific papers in this academic journal.

The journal accept scientific articles in all areas of related sciences. Journal of Robotics is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles on all aspects automated mechanical devices, from their design and fabrication, to testing and practical implementation.

The journal welcomes submissions from the associated fields of materials science, electrical and. THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ROBOTICS RESEARCH / April Fig. 1. Reliability plot, showing (on the y-axis) the actual dis-tances traveled by 15 nm Au nanoparticles as a function of the commanded pushing distances (on the x-axis).

The dashed line corresponds to the ideal operation, when actual and com-manded distances are equal.

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