Psychosynthesis subpersonalities

Criticism[ edit ] In the December issue of Psychology TodayAssagioli was interviewed by Sam Keen and was asked to comment on the limits of psychosynthesis. As she let herself tentatively experience this energy, she realized it could be used to help overcome her feelings of inadequacy and to achieve realistic goals.

The underlying cause of such fragmentation and distress was her experience of pervasive childhood physical and sexual abuse by her father, who impregnated her twice, as well as by uncles, cousins, neighbors and other men in her neighborhood throughout her childhood, until the age of And she sees through the Idealist too, the unrealistic ideals and the refusing to accept her limitations, the pretension and the desperate spirituality.

You are important to me, but I also have other things I want to do. The other parts keep coming in, and I keep listening to them. Integration by including identity Here is an account of integration between two opposite subpersonalities.

Working from the mental level It is interesting to note that this block was approached and solved completely at the mental level, through reasoning and insight.

The following account, written by a 23 year old woman experienced in subpersonalities work, deals with a sequence of four interrelated subpersonalities. It is too extensive, too comprehensive.

How were you being selfish. Tune in to the light … and see if feelings of any kind come. Reaching the insight that these SP exist and that they cannot be and should not be eliminated, rather that they can and should be nurtured and developed. She was subsequently able to see that she did not need to choose between them, but to form a broader identity which could include some of both.

In practically every situation, even if a subpersonality initially appears ugly, mean, in deep pain, hostile, and a complete hindrance, once we reach its core we find that its basic quality is good. S- To get away from my father and be a little more free of all of the garbage in my head.

As Sharon proceeded toward the sun a symbol of the superconscious and the Transpersonal Selflaying the foundation for the synthesis phase, another block — the concern with being selfish — appeared [25].

Our values and self-image are important factors When we first recognize new subpersonalities, our attitude toward each of them — as toward people — can vary. She shows up in different imagery as a guide. The image will come.

Subpersonalities, as described in Psychosynthesis

I recognize that I am made up of several persons and that the person that at the moment has the upper hand will inevitably give place to another. Often we reject a subpersonality — or any other part of ourself — that we dislike because we unconsciously believe that once we accept it, it will remain there, as it is, forever.

The Clinger is in despair over the chaotic situation. References American Psychiatric Association. But during that time the other subpersonalities are cut off.

Subpersonalities and psychotherapy, By James Vargiu

Now go ahead and tell me what happens. Very simply, we play different roles in different circumstances, as we all know. M- Do you wish me to talk to her. Let the sun shine down very brightly. Van Nostrand Company, Inc. She thinks no one likes her or loves her and is the repository of all my volatile emotions.

So the first step is to establish clear and open communication. Recognition and acceptance are clearly necessary prerequisites to coordination and integration. Invariably, the one who is resisting is another subpersonality, often in opposition to the first.

Its nature, however, was completely different from the previous ones. groups (inter-individual psychosynthesis), and in the world at large. He under- structuralization is the formation of what Assagioli called subpersonalities (Assagioli ).

Subpersonalities Among the most sophisticated of the integrated patterns structuralizing the middle unconscious are subpersonalities. Subpersonalities are like some of the. A subpersonality is, in transpersonal psychology, The average person has about a dozen subpersonalities.

Psychosynthesis, Transactional analysis, and Gestalt therapy. These were followed by some forms of hypnotherapy and the inner child work of John Bradshaw and others.


SUBPERSONALITIES By James Vargiu The following article is taken from Synthesis Volume I: The Realization of the Self The Synthesis Press, Redwood City, CA The Psychosynthesis Workbook exercises that have been included in this monograph was prepared with the collaboration of the.

A subpersonality (an imaginal character in psychosynthesis) with the appearance of a scary witch becomes our ‘bitchy part’, or a provocative siren becomes our ‘sexy part’, or simply, ‘that part of me’.

In this article James Vargiu gives a very comprehensive presentation of the concept of subpersonalities in a psychosynthesis context, and of the practical work with subpersonalities. The Psychosynthesis Workbook exercises that have been included in this monograph was prepared with the collaboration of the Psychosynthesis Institute, San Francisco and with the assistance of the Canadian Institute of Psychosynthesis, Montreal and the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London and authors have been credited when noted.

Psychosynthesis subpersonalities
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