The journal of augustus pelletier book report

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The journal of augustus pelletier book report

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I turned to Grandmother, shaking at what I had witnessed. |a A fictional journal kept by twelve-year-old Augustus Pelletier, the youngest member of Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery. |a Cuttered to umbrella series "Dear America." 7 |a Historical.

Report abuse Transcript of The Journal of Agustus Pelletier The Journal of Agustus Pelletier AM Block Begining In the beginig of the book Lewis and Clark were getting ready for there expedition and Augustus wanted to go but his cousin said that he was too weak and scroney to go on the expedition and that he would die.

The Journal of Augustus Pelletier: The Lewis and Clark Expedition Discussion Guide

Newbery Honor author Kathryn Lasky's exciting JOURNAL OF AUGUSTUS PELLETIER is now in paperback with a dynamic repackaging! Fourteen-year-old Augustus, half French, half Omaha Indian, sets out to proof himself worthy of Lewis and Clark on their great adventure of discovery/5(5).

Through the journal entries of fourteen-year-old Augustus Pelletier, youngsters join the Corps of Discovery as they take up President Thomas Jefferson's challenge to find a Northwest Passage — a river route across the continent through the western mountains, to the Pacific Ocean.

The Journal of Augustus Pelletier: The Lewis and Clark Expedition Discussion Guide

The Journal Of Augustus Pelletier, The Lewis And Clark Expedition, - My Name Is America, A Dear America Book [Kathryn Lasky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying janettravellmd.coms: Sep 30, Make up for the September Book-of-the-Month Club is available on Thursday, October 6 The Journal of Augustus Pelletier:Lewis and clark Expedition, by Here is an NPR report about the book and the author.

The journal of augustus pelletier book report
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